Mama Cat Rushes Her Baby To The Hospital And Begs For Help

A mama cat in Turkey loved her baby more than anything in the world. And so when it got sick, she knew she needed help. Somehow, this intelligent cat knew right where to go.She brought her baby to a hospital and asked for help.Anyone who’s worked in a hospital knows that you have to be ready for an emergency at any time. Someone with serious need might walk through the door and you have to be ready to take charge and save lives.

But we’re sure this hospital staff from Turkey had no idea what they would be in for when they came to work that day.As Merve Özcan posted on their Twitter, the story begins when a mother cat walked into the hospital carrying their sick kitten. The scene and story is captured in the thread, but the picture is clear.This mother cat needed help and had absolute understanding and trust that this hospital could work their magic.

Merve describes the event by saying:

“Today we were in the emergency room of the hospital when a cat rushed to bring her offspring in her mouth”

Source: Merve Özcan

A later image in the thread shows the mother cat approaching a door. We don’t know if someone directed them to the correct office for treatment or if they somehow knew, but they are not letting anything stop them.

One heartwarming picture from the thread shows hospital staff opening a door to let the mother pass through. Who says that chivalry is dead?

The mother arrives and places the baby on the floor.

Source: Merve Özcan

You can almost imagine the cat meowing to get someone’s attention while assuring her baby that everything would be fine.

Staff and EMTs surround the baby and her mother.
While no one expected to be treating a cat that day, they nonetheless give the matter the seriousness it deserves. The right side of this image even shows the team squatting down to pat the cat and assure her that her baby is in great hands.

Translated information from the thread tells the rest of the story.

Source: Merve Özcan

The emergency room staff took the kitten and gave it the emergency care that they could. While the baby was being treated, the mother was treated to pats and saucers of milk to keep her calm and relaxed.

We don’t know how long the kitten was with the emergency room staff, but we can imagine how much care and love they provided the sick feline.

News teams that followed the story reported that once the staff did all they could, they didn’t just release the cats back into the wild.

Source: Merve Özcan

They wanted to be absolutely sure that the kitten was safe and sound, so they sent mother and kitten to the veterinarian for a specialist’s opinion.

Lucky for these felines, Turkey has a history of respect and love for stray animals, so there’s no doubt in anyone’s mind that they will be seen and taken care of.
Social media exploded when this story came out. One Reddit thread could only gush about how great this story made them feel. It’s simply nice to see the trust the mother cat had for the emergency staff and how fast they acted to help save a kitten’s life.

Source: Pexels

This sweet mama knew just where to go when her baby was in need. And thankfully, she chose the right people to trurst.

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