Mama Dog At Shelter Is Overlooked By Everyone But One Little Girl

It’s always sad to think about the animals who sit in the shelter for weeks or months, waiting to be adopted. Sometimes, these animals are there simply because they’re old. Others are ignored because of an injury or illness that may make it difficult to care for them.

And while it’s understandable why many people aren’t able to take these animals on, it’s still sad to think about them sitting in the shelter, waiting and waiting.

One mama dog had a sad story like this.

One particular shelter dog was a mom called Suzie, and she spent many months being overlooked for younger, more desirable dogs.

Day after day, she watched other dogs come and go, until one day, it was finally her turn.

Source: YouTube

SAVE A HOUND created an adorable video to tell the story of Suzie’s adoption, which they shared onto YouTube in a bid to encourage more people to adopt at shelters – and hopefully it worked, as the video now has over 8.5 million views!

Titled, “If this video about a shelter dog doesn’t move you, check your pulse!” the video shows Suzie’s bleak life at the shelter before she was adopted. Despite shelters being caring and safe places, animals are still often confined to one tiny room for most of their days, almost as if they’re in a prison cell.

Source: YouTube

Each day, Suzie watched as her doggy friends were adopted.
She sat right by her glass window and tried to look as pretty as possible, but no one even stopped to look at her as they walked past to view other dogs. Suzie was about to give up hope.

Source: YouTube

Suzie was sitting by the window as usual, watching as people walked past her kennel to view the other dogs. The feet of a little girl walk by, but this time, instead of continuing down the corridor, the girl stopped in her tracks and turned around.

In a heartwarming moment, the girl stooped down so that she was level with the dog.
She smiled and held out her hand to the glass. On the other side of the window, clever Suzie lifted up her paw to try and touch the little girl’s hand.

Source: YouTube

She is now snuggled up in a cozy home with the little girl, whose family decided to adopt her! She sits on a soft blue blanket and snuggles with her sister, while in the background, a warm fire crackles.

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