Mama Dog disciplines her struggling pups

Children often quarrel with their siblings, it is just a fact of life, and if the quarrels become too large or too physical, it is up to the parents to stop them and help them reconcile. Dogs will also discipline small dogs. Their domestication sometimes requires discipline from the mother.

The two mischievous dogs fought nonstop until their mother stopped them. Puppies bite and chase each other – this is a normal activity. However, if your pleasure rises to the point where you can hurt each other, your mother may need to intervene.This mother seems tired of childish antics.

Two Labrador dogs named Lucy and Milo were filmed by their parents as they fought on a blanket spread on the ground. Lucy and Milo looked adorable as they continued to exchange paws, but now that I think about it, aren’t they just trying to rip each other’s faces off?

Source: Youtube screenshot

One of the cubs will not stop playing with his brother, even if the other no longer shows interest in the game. , his mother could no longer tolerate his actions and took action. The mother dog is trying to find a good way to get her cubs to stop fighting. He tries to stop the mischievous puppy from constantly harassing his brother.

Source: Youtube screenshot

He buried his nose in the ass, but the dog became more aggressive and noisy. The scolded puppy will become aggressive towards its mother, barking, but not realizing that this will only worsen the situation. me now? it could be an accurate translation of the mother’s barking.She barked viciously at her cubs.

Source: Youtube screenshot

This will teach you a lesson. Two cubs froze after the sharp barking of their mother. They seemed to understand the message as they lowered their heads slightly to the ground. He tried to make his brother angry again, but one bark of his mother was enough for him to leave and obey his angry mother.

Source: Youtube screenshot

The interesting thing is that the mother looks at her mistress as if she were saying: “I am ashamed that you see this, but let me deal with it myself. Family drama is like any other love story. The Parent-Child Situation Everyone gets attention from their mom on YouTube: The video gets 20 million views after being uploaded.

Source: Youtube screenshot

Many noted that the mother scolds the children – this is what everyone goes through. “It’s nice to know that mothers often yell at their babies,” commented one person. Other commentators tried to guess what the mother dog was saying to her puppies: “She calls the puppies by their full names,” one person said.

It’s amazing that a clip in which Milo and Lucy scolds their mother can be so intimate. Probably because almost everyone has been in this situation before. This adorable video shows how effective some tough words for moms can be! This mother bitch knows exactly what to do when her puppies are fighting.

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