Mama Dog Hesitates At First, Then Leads Rescuers To Where She Had Given Birth

A homeless dog was living near an overpass in the middle of winter and people alerted “Northeast Animal Rescue” for the situation.

Poor dog would run around all day on busy roads pleading people to give her some food and putting her life in danger this way but Will, a rescue worker, was determined to locate the dog and bring her to safety before some car hit her.

In the shared video Will is seen driving by the snowy roads until he locates the frail dog, who was later named Sierra.

He realized almost immediately that Sierra was a nursing mother and had possibly just given birth in the area so the man earnestly reached out to Sierra and coaxed her to take him to her babies.

The dog at first was hesitant but then she noticed that Will only wanted to help, so she began running across the dried up fields, making timely stops to ensure that the man was following her correctly. She then abruptly disappeared inside at an old culvert.

Will crawled into the tunnel, and was relieved to find Sierra’s little ones safely hidden away in the dark chamber.

Source: Northeast Animal Rescue, China/YouTube

At first Will thought Sierra would bring out her litter on her own like a sign of protection but he was wrong. In fact Sierra started making some crying noises as if pleading with the man to save her little ones.

Source: Northeast Animal Rescue, China/YouTube

Will obeyed her pleas and slithered into the tunnel. He pulled out each of Sierra’s little babies (2 boys and 3 girls), while the anxious mama lingered by his legs to supervise the rescue operation.

Source: Northeast Animal Rescue, China/YouTube

Once she was assured that her precious puppies were safe and sound the mom hoped in the crate and now she is busy being a “responsible” mama at the shelter, and she seems super grateful for the timely rescue.

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