Mama Dog’s Discipline Of Naughty Puppies Gets 3.2M Views

You’d think giving birth is the most challenging part of being a mother, but actually, it is what comes after that tests moms even more.

As a Mom myself, I can say that the first few years of motherhood are tremendously life-changing.

There are a lot of adjustments, various moments where you think you’ll lose your sanity, and bunches of times that left me at a loss of what to do next!

Moms out there would surely agree when they hear someone saying that disciplining a child is not easy at all.
They surely know how to get into their mommy’s nerves!

As it turns out, human moms are not the only ones experiencing this.
Even mama dogs are faced with the task of disciplining their babies.

Take this Golden Retriever for example.

They are all together in a huge room and she is watching over them in full “Mommy mode”.

She chases her little babies who are just seven weeks old when the clip was taken.
Some of the pups are sleeping, some are quietly sitting on their corner and two of them are playing together.

As she looks on, it can be seen that she seems to be taken by the two doggies who are playing together in front of her.

Source: YouTube

She casually approaches them and gets in the midst, just before the two pups are about to get more physical and fierce.

They might just be playing, but this mama dog seems to notice something we don’t.

She keeps on following them around, getting in the middle of the dogs and keeping them from being together.

Source: YouTube

Could she be talking to them in a way only dogs would understand? She looks like she’s disciplining the pups!

Well, she was, in fact, disciplining her puppies

. She sees something they should not do, and she goes right in the middle of things and stops them before the fight gets worse.

Who knew dogs are also capable of this, right?

Source: YouTube

According to an article in The Nest, the behavior of a mama dog becomes different during their pregnancy and pup-raising period.

Eventually, when the pups become independent, the mother dog returns to her normal behavior.

Moms, this sounds familiar, huh?

When a dog gives birth, she instantly changes into a more protective mode.
Dog owners would notice that their female mama dogs are more focused on their litter than their owners, and that is completely understandable.

The mommy dog becomes overprotective and may even attack anyone who interrupts her time with the babies.

Source: YouTube

But, although she loves her pups fiercely, she also is not tolerant of their bad behavior.

As the pups become older, the mother dog changes her behavior again as she now teaches her pups to be independent.
The mama dog may growl or bark at her pups to keep them in line.

Source: YouTube

You might even see the mama dog pick up a puppy by the scruff of the neck and shake it.

Don’t worry because this is normal mommy behavior.

The dog in the video is definitely at that stage of disciplining her puppies.

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