Man Gets Back At Cat Who Wakes Him Up At 4 AM Every Single Night

Cats might be some of the most selfish pets on the planet. While this could be viewed as a bad thing, most of us just take it in stride as part of their personality! There are just certain things that cats do that show how selfish they can be – one primary example is sleep.If we didn’t know any better, an observant owner might say that cats try and wake us up while we sleep.

They get to sleep all day and when it’s finally our time to get some zzz’s? They just want to wake us up in the weirdest way possible.For one man, being the victim was no longer an option.Italics is a cat who loves the simple things in life. Sleeping, eating, and catnip, to name a few. One of Italics’ guilty pleasures, however, is waking up her owner at 4 am every morning.

Nick Tecosky is that unlucky owner.The Atlanta-based writer has had some trouble recently with his cat causing him to lose sleep. Nobody likes being rudely woken up, especially at 4 am. If you don’t get proper sleep, bad things happen, especially for a writer!Anger and sleep deprivation can create a vicious cycle. Losing sleep makes you more irritable and stressed, and stress can lead to further sleep deprivation, increasing anger levels. – Mammoth Comfort

Irritability might just explain what caused Nick to take drastic action with his cat’s behavior.

When you repeatedly don’t get sleep, you tend to do things that you normally wouldn’t. It MUST have been what caused Nick to film a video that has since blown up on the internet. Currently, it sits at over 10 million views!

Source: YouTube

Titled “Vengeance Meow,” Nick decided to film his revenge on Italics for waking him up.

In the video, we see Italics taking his daily nap on the bed. It’s 4 PM, the perfect time for the 4 AM revenge. Nick’s head enters the frame and he gets right up close to the little tabby. It’s all going according to plan and Italics has no idea.

Source: YouTube

With a warrior’s meow, Nick shouts right into Italics ears!

Italics leaps up from her nap and turns to face what must be an oncoming train. When she turns to see what horrible beast could be shouting in her ear, it’s Nick! She has been betrayed!

Betrayal is cold, but revenge is colder.

Source: YouTube

This was no betrayal, Italics. This was revenge. Perfectly timed and executed, Italics had no idea what hit her. Being so rudely awoken is sure to make falling asleep again hard! We don’t know what happened after this, but we can only assume.

We don’t get an update as to whether Italics stopped her bad behavior, but we would like to think she did. After some stern words from Nick that are meant to teach his cat a lesson, his cat looks away in shame. Score one for the humans.

Source: YouTube

After getting lots of comments wondering about what happened after the video, Nick shared an update.
He and Italics are doing just fine, and they’ve made amends. Nick gave Italics lots of chin scratches, and Italics rewarded him with an adorable paw-holding moment.

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