Man Hiking In The Forest Comes Across Injured Owl And Jumps Into Action To Help Her

A usual hike to the forest to pick some mushrooms in Slovenia turned out to be a rescue trip instead. This man saw an owl sitting on a tree motionless, and when he discovered that the owl needs help, he immediately jumped into action to save and help her.

As stated in the description box of the video, this happened a week before he uploaded the video. He was just out in the Slovenian woods to go get some mushrooms but then he saw this large owl. He came closer and check if she wants to be petted, and she did.Luckily, the owl wasn’t afraid of him.

As the man pet the owl’s soft feathers around her face, the owl gladly allowed him to. She didn’t resist, struggle, or fly away in fear. While the man’s petting her, she closed her eyes and came closer to the man’s hands. At that moment, the man knew something was wrong with her.

He picked her up and brought her to the vet, where they found out that the owl has broken wings.
The man didn’t hesitate to rescue this owl he met in the woods. Upon the vet’s examination of this large owl, she has broken her both wings. Should the man didn’t come to rescue this poor owl, she might have died helplessly in the Slovenian woods. The vet said that the owl needs to undergo a surgical operation and rehabilitation for around 4 months until then they can release her back to the wild – the owl’s natural habitat.

The vet said that this is a Ural owl with a scientific name, Strix uralensis. These birds are very rare.
That is why the man who rescued the Ural owl urged everyone to treat the wild animals, especially these owls, with respect. Moreover, encouraging everyone to not kill these owls as they are harmless and cute.

Should you encounter an injured owl, here’s how to deal with him/her and give a preliminary first aid
One way to best help an injured owl is to at least minimize the stress s/he is currently experiencing. Let us put into mind to not add to the stress as it may lead to his/her death due to shock.

Test the waters if the owl will allow you to come closer or at least pick him/her up. Then, wrap him/her in a blanket to be warm and put him/her in a well-ventilated box to avoid further injuries. After which, bring the owl to the nearest veterinarian or a trained rehabilitator for examination and treatment.


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