Man Plays The Guitar Outside Attracting A Wild Fox That Can’t Get Enough

Foxes belong to the dog family, but they are by no means pets. Unlike their domesticated counterparts, foxes cannot be kept as pets.Not really. Foxes are not inclined to attacking people, unless they are rabid or captured. Still, even in that situation, they will usually prefer to run away than fight.But being relatively friendly and being friends with people are two different things.

Foxes can only bond with one person if anyone at all, and that is the only person they will ever trust.The fox of this story seems to have found the one and only.The man who became friends with a fox is singer and musician Andy Thorn, who lives in Boulder, Colorado.
Thorn used to tour with the “legendary jam band” Leftover Salmon for more than a decade.

Unfortunately, the band had to stop touring due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and Thorn had plenty of personal time and the chance to get to know himself better- as a person and as an artist, too.“He felt deeply for everyone affected. […] But secretly, he was enjoying the break from touring,” one can read on his website.

Like everyone during the recurrent lockdowns around the world, Thorn and his wife had plenty of free time. And that’s when they met a fox.

“Suddenly stuck at home, he and his wife made friends with a fox. And they wrote songs. And wrote more songs.”

Indeed, Andy and Cecelia created a whole album dedicated to foxes, and they even gave it the self-explicatory title Fox Songs and Other Tales From the Pandemic.

Source: Unsplash

As Thorn explains on the website, the album is not so much about how the pandemic affected people in a negative way, but rather a way out, an outlet; a reminder that the world may have slowed down in the years of Covid-19, but life hasn’t.

In the video that Thorn uploaded on his Facebook page, we can see him sing to his new friend, and the fox’s reaction is nothing like what we would have expected.

Source: Facebook via Andy Thorn Music

The wild animal doesn’t seem to be scared or frustrated by the man’s presence in its natural habitat. On the contrary, it looks rather interested in the sounds the man plays. It looks quite relaxed around him, it actually even approaches him little by little.

At some point, it even sits down and just looks at him, as if it’s enjoying his music.
Of course, we shouldn’t forget that apart from the man, there’s also someone recording the video- probably his wife- and, still, the wild animal doesn’t show signs of distress.

Source: Facebook via Andy Thorn Music

This might be due to the fact that the fox has become friends with both Thorn and his wife.

The video has already gone viral with more than 363k views. Facebook users loved the song and the fox so much that they couldn’t help writing positive comments about them both.

“How cutie is all this?! The song? The fox? I love it!” someone wrote, while someone else commented: “What a beautiful audience! Well done!”

Head over to the video below and see for yourself how unique this “concert” was.

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