Man reunites with his long-lost dog after four years apart, thanks to microchip

But to his amazement, it was a Cleveland shelter giving the news that they had found Sam. Michael couldn’t believe it — not only that Sam had been found after all this time, but in a completely different state.But it turned out Sam had been found by Cleveland Police, and a microchip identified Michael as the owner.

While Cleveland was an 8-9 hour drive away, Michael did not hesitate to drive down the next day to reunite with his old friend.“I was like, man. This is going to be one of the best moments of my life, you know, besides my kids, getting married and retiring from the Army,” he said.

For both the man and the dog, it was an emotional reunion. Michael was worried Sam wouldn’t recognize him after all this time (he has a beard now) but it was instantly clear that the bond was still there.“As soon as he turned that corner, I was like, ‘Oh my God. That is him,’” Michael said.“I can’t stop smiling. I love Sam. Sam is my best friend. And most dogs are better than humans, in my opinion.”

“It was like coming back home from a deployment and seeing your family for like a first time in a year,” he told WTVF.\

Sam is finally back home where he belongs, and Michael says they’re as inseparable as ever: “He’s my family. I’ll tell everybody that. My dogs are my family,” he told WUSA.

We’re so glad Sam is finally home safe after being missing for so long.

It’s an inspiring story, but also an important reminder to get your pets microchipped. It’s a free, painless service that can help vets identify you as the owner in case your pet ever goes missing — even after years apart!

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