Man Risks His Life To Save 3 Dogs Trapped In A Burning Car

When we have a dog in our life, we realize that they would do anything to save and protect us. The real question is, how far would we go to save and protect them?

That question was answered in a rather interesting way when a man by the name of Peter Koska saw a burning car when he was leaving for work one day.

He went over to investigate and then, to his horror, noticed there were three dogs stuck in the car. It was obvious they had no chance of surviving.

That is when he decided to step up to the plate and do the right thing.

He was aware that the car could explode and knew the dogs were at risk, yet he ran forward and got the dogs out safely.

After getting the dogs out and to a safe location, the car did explode. He put his life in danger for the benefit of those animals.

It shows just how far somebody is willing to go to save a dog, even if it is a stranger.

A dog walker had left the dogs in the car for a moment when it caught on fire.


She heard the explosion and rushed back, but fortunately, the dogs had already been saved.



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