Man Takes Nap Outside And Wakes To Find Stray Cat Sleeping On His Stomach

Animals are really highly sensitive animals and we believe they feel when they can trust someone, so if a pet chooses you to take care of them you should truly feel proud.

A man called Ali Safa never called himself an animal person but a little cat decided that he had the potential he needed for that.

One day Ali was basking in the sun outside his home in Canberra, Australia, and then suddenly fell asleep, he napped for two hours and when he woke up he noticed he had a visitor.

“I was taking a nap on the balcony of our house, and, like two hours later, I woke up and I found her just napping on my stomach,” Ali told The Dodo.“At first, I thought she was a rat.”

The kitty looked fragile and small but aside from that she looked pretty content purring away on the man’s lap.

The sweet furry had a white fur and pink hairless ears and dirty tiny paws and the man instantly fell in love.

“I never really had a pet and I am a bit of a loner so I don’t have many friends, too,” Ali explained.

“While she was sleeping I kept hearing that ‘purr’ sound cats make and it was the cutest sh*t I have ever heard.”

Ali noticed stray cats in the neighborhood before but this was different, it seemed like the kitten chose him as her new owner.

Source: Reddit

The man took a picture with the sweet furry being extra careful to not wake her up, while some people don’t like the idea of snuggling a stray Ali didn’t mind that at all.

“[I] wasn’t really bothered if she has fleas or anything like that ’cause I thought to myself, ‘If she does have fleas, I probably already have fleas, too, so whatever,’” Ali said.

When the little kitty woke up she needed one thing: food. The poor animal looked so skinny thay Ali prepared a feast for her in no time.

Source: Reddit

“The first thing she does is step down [off] the sofa, look me in the eyes and start meowing nonstop for 20 seconds,” Ali wrote onReddit. “She’s obviously hungry, so guess who’s sharing the chicken wings my mom made?”

After the cat was full and content with food he gave her a bath, and then he started to think what would happen to the sweet feline.

“There really aren’t any house rules against pets in my family and she looked like she can use some family, so I was like, ‘Screw it, I’m keeping her,’” Ali said.

Source: Reddit

Ali decided to name the kitten Angel and then sent her to get a checkup at the vet, turned out the furry was healthy and she had no microchip so good news all around.

After the man understood that she is properly his cat now he went out and bought food and toys for her.

Angel has become part of Ali’s life for two weeks now, the best ones that man has had.

Source: Reddit

“All I can say is that she is the most fun cat I have ever gotten to play with,” Ali said. “All she does is just roam around me all the day wanting pets or to play. I’d be on my laptop working and she would just jump on my keyboard and sit between my arms,”

He continued: “Picking her up and putting her down on the ground won’t help because she would just jump right back up until she gets the petting she wants.”

Seems like the duo already have a tight and lovely bond.

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