Man Tries Talking To The Owner Of A Puppy Kept Outside In A Birdcage

Some neighbors heard a crying puppy next door and couldn’t help but wonder what was going on. So they contacted Dog Rescue Shelter of Mladenovac, Serbia, for help. A rescuer arrived and went on over, and he couldn’t believe what he saw; there sat a puppy outside in a tiny birdcage.

The man knocked at the door hoping someone would answer so he could talk to the owners, but apparently no one was home. There was no way he was going to just leave the little pup there like that, so he took her. The sweet thing was finally free of this prison.

The rescuer got the puppy back to the shelter for care and a checkup, and he decided he would be the one to foster her!

He named her Mini, but it wouldn’t be long until the perfect family adopted her. No more birdcages for this pup!

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