Marine Can’t Contain His Excitement When He Reunites With Military Dog In Airport

Atila and Sergeant Jacob Varela spent three years working together in a special operations unit. Their reunion shows just how much they care for one another.

In 2014, Jacob began active service. Soon, he met with Atila, his combat tracking dog.

Over the next three years, Jacob and Atila kept their fellow soldiers safe. Thanks to Atila’s finely tuned senses, the group was always alerted to any danger.

“We were together for everything. Everywhere I went, he was with me.” – Sergeant Jacob Varela told WGN.

Eventually, Jacob’s years of service were up. He said one final, tearful goodbye to Atila, who had always kept him and the other troops safe. Jacob knew that Atila would continue to excel.

Back home, Jacob enrolled in college and began studying for a post-army career.

A few years passed, and Jacob heard from one of his old colleagues that Atila was retiring. Jacob hoped that he and the dog could reunite.

So he started reaching out to people in the Marines to see if there was any way to get Atila.

The worker at Mission Canine Rescue took the dog into the airport. The dog had no idea just how close Jacob was.

Then Jacob spotted Atila across the airport.

Atila was shocked to see Jacob again, especially as he now had long hair, which he never could have gotten away with in the military!

The dog ran toward Jacob. They both hugged.

Atila’s tail kept on wagging back and forth like crazy.

People in the airport were staring. But Jacob didn’t care.

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