Meet Moo – The Adorable Dachshund With The ‘Body’ Of A Cow

Genetics can do some pretty wacky things sometimes, and this is especially true for dog breeds given how much we’ve been selectively breeding them for centuries. We’ve ended up with some pretty bonkers-looking combinations of snouts, coats, colors and temperament.

But even so, this dog’s got something pretty unexpected even for a domestic dog. That’s saying a lot too, considering he’s a Wiener dog with tiny legs.

Meet Moo, a unique Dachshund with a spotted coat. You can see where he gets his name.

1. Return to monke, I guess?

Moo’s unique coat has thrown the 1-year old Dachshund into internet stardom. That much fame can be a bit hard to deal with, so he’s got a little stuffed monkey to cuddle his anxiety away with.

2. That old side eye.

Moo does what you’d normally do with a persistent photographer – you give them the side eye. I will say though, Moo’s side-eye is a whole lot cuter than anything you or I could pull off, probably.

3. Butt wait.

Thank goodness for body positivity, or else this poor pooch would’ve been too shy to upload this photo. If those long-legged influencers on this same site can do it, why can’t he?

4. Watch me go!

This little Dachshund has the same problems as every other Dachshund – he’s got places to go, and legs not nearly long enough to get him there. At least if he ever accidentally goes flying, he’s got those ears to catch some drag and break his fall, right?

5. This is udderly confusing.

Now that I’m looking at this image, Moo does look a lot more like his ruminant namesake than I initially thought. The black and white was just the start of it – he’s got a pinkish, almost udder-colored spot below his tummy too!

6. “Am pupper”

We’ve all done this. We’ve all held our pets up like a stuffed animal and lovingly gazed into their eyes. Don’t pretend like you haven’t.

7. I’m all tuckered out.

All this fame can take quite the toll on a tiny Dachshund’s body, and Moo probably needs to rest to recharge quite often. This is great, since it leaves him fully rested for another day of gracing the world with his cow-spotted cuteness.

8. Eyes that 3,000 people fell for.

We can talk all day about his cow spots, but Moo is still a doggo. Like every other doggo, he’s got the loveliest eyes that we could just look at all day.

9. That’s a funny looking calf.

Aren’t calves supposed to have really long, skinny legs? This one’s all tiny and dog-shaped, I think there’s something wrong with it.

10. Vertical stabilizers activated.

With how hyperactive young dogs can be, they need something to control their speed and direction. Moo has his own vertical stabilizers like an aircraft, and they can fold all the way back for maximum aerodynamic efficiency.

11. What’cha looking at?

There aren’t many Dachshunds like Moo in the world, and this newfound fame he was born with could give him some anxiety. It’s all good, though. He knows how to lift his spirits and keep his chin up high, with a little help from a bannister railing.

12. Sun dried beef?

Or would this be a baked sausage? It’s too cute to think of eating anyway, how could you?

Moo’s got quite the portfolio to show us here, and he’s still a pretty young dog. Here’s hoping he gets to live life like a normal dog. Wouldn’t want the other dogs making fun of him for his weird coat colors, right?

A cattle-colored Dachshund isn’t something you see everyday, so be sure to share this article with a friend!

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