Meet the guy who turned his home into a shelter for 300 dogs after a hurricane.

Tao is a handsome senior golden retriever who lived a long and happy life with his mother, Melanie Jackson, but a year ago the happy life of a twelve-year-old puppy took a turn for the worse when he was diagnosed with glaucoma and lost both. eyes. However, when everything was in the darkest place, a small ball of light entered Tao’s life and changed everything again.

Jackson took his beloved puppy Tao to the vet a year ago after suddenly showing signs of anxiety. Glaucoma and surgery to remove Tao’s blind eye. Glaucoma is an eye condition in which fluid builds up inside the eye. This buildup increases eye pressure, causing pain, redness, and loss of vision. or two eyes, and in Tao’s case, this unfortunately affected both eyes.

Soon after the eye was removed, the pressure in Tao’s remaining eye became so intense that it had to be removed. Jackson cares for his beautiful boy, but having lost his eyes, he is relieved and Tao quickly returns to his normal happy state.Tao was able to correct his blindness with amazing ease.

It only took him a few days to learn how to climb stairs on his own, and he could even walk off a leash. But despite Tao’s quick recovery, Jackson felt she wanted to do it. do something to complement the Tao to improve his life and make him as happy as possible. Jackson then found Oko, an eight week old golden puppy with a cheerful personality and a heart of gold.

The puppy exudes love and happiness, and Jackson knows that a fun puppy is exactly the friend Tao needs. Oko joins the family and immediately falls in love with his new and best friend. And Tao immediately comes in contact with a funny adorable ball of fur that seems to adore his every move.

The Oko quickly became inseparable and began to eat, sleep, play and hug each other. It is clear that they are perfect for each other and make each other incredibly happy. Previously, Tao was doing well, but now it is fully flourishing.Now she is painless, she feels and looks several years younger, and with the Eye she can really enjoy her new energy and love of life.

Now the Eye became Tao’s personal seeing dog; Tao has learned to stay close to Oko when they leave and believes that the puppy will keep him safe and on the right track. And since Oko is still a playful and mischievous puppy, Jackson tries to take his responsibilities seriously.

And this did not give Tao any problems. Jackson told Bored Panda, “I am taught to follow the scent of the Oko, and the Oko must listen and respond to my command:” Stop, wait, go right, go left. ” Although Tao lost his sight, he redefined life and is happier than ever.

The Eye brought so much love, adventure and happiness into his life, and we are sure that he will always be grateful to his mother for bringing the Eye into their lives. see how the Tao works so well and see how happy and energetic it has become.

In addition, she loves her baby with all her heart and is glad to see how he grows and develops. Jackson began raising awareness of glaucoma in dogs and worked with the Kennel Club to determine which genes cause Tao glaucoma. Glaucoma can be prevented if caught early, and Jackson hopes to prevent the same loss in other puppies as Tao did.Tao and Oko have their own Instagram page where they document their life together, which is very nice. In each image, we can clearly see how these two golds are loved and cherished, and we are very happy for them.

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