Military Dad Reunites With His Giant Dog After A 9 Month Deployment

It doesn’t matter if it’s been five minutes or five months, our dogs are always excited to see us. But when it comes to long separations that last several months, it can be particularly hard on our dogs.That is why it is so heartwarming to see how happy they get when they see their owners again. We see a lot of these videos with soldiers and their dogs who have been apart for ages.

There is one video – an oldie but goodie – that always puts a smile on our faces. It’s the video of Emmitt Thunderpaws.

He and his owner spent 9 months apart, so it was not surprising at all that the big pooch was ecstatic to see his best buddy return home.According to the video explanation, Emmitt detected his owner when he was still outside in the yard.As soon as Emmitt smelt his owner, he raced outside to greet him.

While Emmitt was taught to never jump up on other people – in part because he’s really big but also because it’s bad for the big dog’s hips – the pup immediately jumped up to greet his returning owner.

But even more surprising and sweet was the fact that the dog was not crying, barking, or even licking his owner, he was simply holding him in a tight embrace.

It was as if the dog could not believe his eyes and needed to verify that his owner was in need home.

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