Mini Dachshunds Earn Nearly 19M Views For Hilarious Bath Time Ritual

Who doesn’t love a hot bath after a long day on your feet?
Aside from cleaning the body, a bath has multiple unseen benefits. We’re talking heart health, hormones, your mood, and even for the joints and bones. Your entire body inside and out is really thoroughly cleansed.

Now granted, some kids can be difficult when they still want to play or finish their favorite TV shows, but these mini Dachshunds, though behaving like kids, want nothing more than to jump in the tub and scrub the day off!

These two pups can be seen all excited to run upstairs. A makeshift fence is blocking their way but talk about eager!

Mom asks if they’re ready to take a bath. She moves the makeshift fence and in an instant, both dogs dash upstairs like a bullet fired from a rifle. That’s really quick for such small dogs.

Mom had to run up after them, camera and all, and where does she find her pups? In the bathroom trying to jump in to the tub.

The first guy makes it after a few attempts. The second pup, try as he might, just does not have enough juice in those legs to make the jump.

Source: YouTube Screenshot

The little woofer gets a boost from mom and with a tiny splash, finally gets his paws wet.

They seem to really like being in the water. How did mom do it? Well, Alejandra554 explains in a comment,

“When i first got them on their first bath I had the water at their knee level. For the first few baths i would give them kibble while in the water while praising. nothing motivates a dachshund for than dinner time 😛 slowly i would increase the water level. Also I made sure the house and the water was a little warm. I think its the cold that they would hate the most.”

Source: YouTube Screenshot

There you go. If you have pups or a dog that’s giving you a hard time with regards to bath time, her instructions might help.

These dogs were bred to hunt badgers and other tunneling animals, some rabbits, and foxes. They may be small but these dogs will take on a badger. Dachs meaning badger and hund meaning dog. Today though, they are known as sausage dogs too adorable and funny to be taken seriously. They are curious, friendly, and full of energy. As evidenced in this shower video.

Source: YouTube Screenshot

Height? 8-9 inches for standard ones, and 5-6 inches for these mini ones. No, there’s no typo. It’s really in inches. Long, low, and short-legged, these dogs have eager eyes with an expression full of curiosity. They do look comical but remember they’re built that way for tunneling purposes. Notice how hotdogs fit those buns perfectly? There you go.

Source: YouTube Screenshot

Now a lot of people ask about how frequent you should wash a dog. Some say every week, or a month, and so on… Go by smell. Doggy smells bad? You know what to do. Not like it’s a problem with these two mini Dachshunds. Lucky mom.

And if you’ve been having a bad week, wash those cares away. These sausage pups got you covered. Just let them shampoo first.

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