Mini Horse Struts Into Barn And Busts Out Serious Moonwalk That Makes Farmers Laugh

Miniature horses are adorable without having to do anything. But sometimes, they do something that makes them even cuter. That was the case with Martha, a horse with dwarfism who loves to dance.

This ranch is a place where miniature horses who have been abused can find love and care in a safe environment. At R&R, Martha can dance her heart out.

The mini horse was rescued in January of this year in very bad condition. The poor little lady was only three months old but she was already pretty sick. Her previous owner, a horse breeder, had treated her badly, and she was neglected and infested with lice.

The staff at R&R ranch set out to get Martha on the road to recovery.

She had a round of antibiotics and was treated for pests. Her hooves were also trimmed to keep them nice and healthy. Once she was feeling better, Martha’s real personality burst forth with attitude.

Earlier this year, ranch staff managed to capture evidence of Martha’s vivacity in a video. In the video, the little horse is shown dancing and prancing around the barn.

Source: Instagram/randrranchminis

“Get ready to pee in your pants,” read the Instagram caption. “This is pure gold … Move over MJ, there’s a new moonwalker in town…”

Martha’s snazzy moves have attracted attention all over the internet, drumming up a fan base for the little horse.

“Just brings a smile to our face,” wrote one Facebook user. “Such a happy little Martha. So sweet!”

Source: Instagram/randrranchminis

R&R Ranch is thrilled that Martha’s fans are continuing to grow. But they really hope that her time in the spotlight will send a message about miniature horses. The staff wants people to be aware of the ways that mini horses are abused, neglected, or objectified.

Miniature horses are the result of many years of selective horse breeding.

Source: YouTube Screenshot

To technically qualify as a mini horse, they must be no more than 38 inches tall. However, the American Miniature Horse Association does not recognize any horses that are more than 34 inches tall.

Source: Instagram/ranrranchminis

An adult miniature horse usually weighs between 150 and 350 pounds. Because they are so small, they can’t bear riders unless those riders are very small children.

Source: YouTube Screenshot

To stop the abuse and neglect of mini horses, associations like R&R are trying to educate people about these animals. Horses like Martha are great ambassadors for this cause. By simply being herself and dancing, Martha shows just how special mini horses are.

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