Mom Asks Husky About Stolen Shoe And Dog Adamantly Defends His Innocence

Have you ever spent a long time looking for something, so long that it becomes clear that the thing isn’t where you last left it?
Then, the only assumption you can make is that someone else in the house moved it. Or, if you have a dog, the pup may have taken the item for their own purposes.

What those purposes are remain mysterious, but it’s the only explanation. So then, it’s time to confront the pup about their actions.

One woman woke up to find that one of her favorite workout shoes was missing.

She puts them in the same place every time she takes them off, but it was gone.

Who could have taken them? She and her husky, Azlan, were the only ones in the house, but why would a dog hide a shoe? Would you really even want it back after you knew the dog had it?

Lots of dogs like to chew on shoes and even sniff shoes, but would a dog really take the time to hide a pair of shoes? If so, why?

The woman decided to confront Azlan and ask him if he knew anything about her missing shoes.
She decided to record his response with her phone. She already knew Azlan was guilty, but she needed him to admit to it.

Source: YouTube Screenshot

He wasn’t very good at hiding his guilt, but he wasn’t about to admit that he had hidden the shoes. His owner said;

“Azlan, I know you stole my shoe. Go pick it up and bring it back.”

The dog doesn’t say anything; he just looks down at the shoe beside him. As if to say, “It’s right here.”

He knows good and well what she is talking about, but if he admits that he knows, he might get in trouble for taking it.

Source: YouTube Screenshot

He decides to play dumb for a second, but then he finally decided that he had better just give up and return the shoe before he got in even more trouble.

Without barking a word, he turns and walks out of the room.
He and his mom have had this same conversation many times, and it never ends well for him. He always has to return the shoe, and his mom is always angry with him.

Finally, he returns with the shoe in his mouth and reluctantly hands it over to his mom. Luckily, it hasn’t been chewed or peed on and is in the same condition it was in when it went missing.

Source: YouTube Screenshot

His mom gets to wear two shoes when she goes to the gym, and Azlan doesn’t get in too much trouble.
He doesn’t seem to be too sorry for his thievery, and it will probably happen again. It’s a good thing Azlan has a mom who loves him. Like moms of human children, she may get upset with him, but at the end of the day, no matter what he does, she can’t stay mad at him.

Source: YouTube Screenshot

This is probably why he keeps stealing her shoes.

It seems like this argument will probably happen again, but as long as Azlan doesn’t chew up the shoe, there’s no harm done really. It just becomes a fun game between dog and owner. And Azlan’s mom gets a hilarious video out of it.

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