Mom Offers Her Baby A Treat If He Says “Mama,” But The Family Dog Beats Him To It

One of the first things most parents try to teach their babies to say is “mama,” or “dada.” But when one Utah mom tried to teach her young son to say mama by offering him a snack, her little one was upstaged – by the family dog.Patch is a miniature Australian Shepherd and quite a food-motivated pup. It seems he learns just as well as any human if a treat is involved! There’s nothing he will let stand in the way of him and his treats – not even his human baby brother.

In the adorable video taken by Sam Giovanini, the little boy is upstaged by Patch when the DOG says mama before he can!
Just look at his face!

The tot clearly gets frustrated that Patch is getting so much attention, especially as he tries to give it a shot.

It’s absolutely sweet, hilarious and about the most loveable thing we’ve seen all day. Patch’s howl is also surprisingly accurate. This dog has quite the talent!

The pup always kept his eyes locked on the food that Andrea was holding in her hand, as if he wanted to claim the reward completely for himself.

Source: YouTube – Sam Giovanini

Patch is a trained miniature Australian Shepard Dog and is incredibly loyal and trustworthy. He’s a very special member of the family, as Patch helped severely in the recovery process of the family’s grandmother who had suffered a brain injury due to a car accident. Whenever Patch feels that grandma could be having a seizure because of her injuries, he always alerts another family member right away.

Source: YouTube – Sam Giovanini

A lot of people were a bit concerned about Patch getting his reward since the video doesn’t show the pup getting his treat for his speaking ability.
“That dog deserves more than just that bite of food after that!” one person wrote.

“Thank you for posting this 🙂 I really wanted to know if the dog was rewarded for being a genius,” another commenter said.

“The dog was so desperately wanting the foods that he will do anything to please. And he definitely EARNS it fair and square! I hope the mom gave the dog the reward he needed, the dog is so adorable (and the baby too of course) that it almost cruel not to.”

Source: YouTube – Sam Giovanini

Luckily, there was nothing to worry about.
The couple posted a follow-up video on YouTube where you can see Patch finally getting the treat he deserves.

“For the many concerned individuals claiming that the dog from “Dog Says Mama, Baby Can’t” didn’t never got a treat, here is one brief clip of just one bite he got from that night,” the family posted.

Source: YouTube – Sam Giovanini

But there’s no word on how the two “siblings” got along after this incident!

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