Moose Can’t Make Her Way Across Guardrail To Reach Baby Moose So Man Swoops In To Rescue Baby

A baby moose got lucky thanks to a skilled bystander.
When a guardrail got in between a mother moose and her calf, it was a stressful moment for the pair. Luckily, a registered hunting guide by the name of Joe Tate came to the rescue helping to reunite the animals.

The mother moose was seen crossing the road multiple times trying to get to her baby, which caused a traffic jam. Tate encountered the situation on his way back from fishing with friends in Ninilchik. They saw what was causing all the congestion.

Tate said that the traffic had backed up about a mile and was hatching a plan with his buddies to find a solution.

“As we got closer, we started to see traffic whether they were out of staters or locals going around…Well, they were going around it a little bit faster speed than you want.” – Joe Tate
Most cars slowed down and stopped to give the baby moose a chance to catch up to its mother but sadly, it could not clear the guardrail.

Tate and his friends jumped into action.

After careful discussion and allowing 30 minutes for the baby to cross on its own, Tate was ready to make a move. They decided to drive their trailer between the mother and the calf. This would make the rescue much safer because the mother was not able to see it.

Source: Flickr

He never had to chase the tired calf.
In the short window of time that the mother wasn’t able to see her baby, Tate picked it up and put it over the guardrail. He only stayed with it till he knew it was steady on its hooves. His job was done…the calf was safe with its mother.

“It was calculated,” Tate said. “It was something we kind of looked at and talked about before we did it. It worked out for the best. And it could have gone bad and I understand and know that. But it did go for the best, and it was worth the risk that I took.” – Joe Tate

Source: Facebook – Andrea N Salty Bock

‘After nearly 30 min of frantic pacing back-and-forth and the line of traffic growing more and more by the minute a gentleman from the northbound lane of traffic came and gave the calf some assistance. He waited for the right moment in time when the mom was on the other side of the highway. Traffic blocked her view as he quickly grabbed the calf & placed her over the guard rail with her mother. I was lucky enough to be close enough to grab a couple photos!’ – Facebook – Andrea N Salty Bock

Source: Facebook – Andrea N Salty Bock

Fish and Game Anchorage Area Wildlife Biologist Dave Battle discourages the public from handling wildlife at all costs.
Despite the successful rescue, there are still rules when it comes to wildlife. Even though Tate thought about contacting the Department of Fish and Game or the Alaska Wildlife Troopers, he worried it might take too long and that an accident was going to happen.

Source: Facebook – Andrea N Salty Bock

“Well, the fact that he is an experienced outdoorsman and a guide probably helped him not get stomped.” – Dave Battle
Tate was aware that things could have gone very differently. He admits he is no expert.

Source: Facebook – Andrea N Salty Bock

“Nowhere near expertise…But I had some knowledge of what to do and what not to do, and handled it the best it could be done.” – Joe Tate
It was a lucky day for the calf, the mother, and for Joe Tate.

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