Neglected Mama Dog D.u.m.p.e.d In Garbage Can Is Heartbr.oken Without Her Babies

Michigan Humane Society’s investigators were alerted after a concerned citizen found a mal.nourished dog in a garbage can near 7 Mile and Southfield Road in Detroit.

When they arrived to rescue her, they realized that she had recently given birth.

They searched the area for her litter of puppies, but were sadly not able to locate them, writes ilovemydogsomuch.

She is now recovering at the humane society, but seems very sad without her babies. Once she is back to good health, MHS will help her find the perfect forever home.

In the meantime, the humane society refuses to give up on finding her puppies, but they know how difficult it will be, especially since the mama dog could have come from anywhere, not just Detroit.

It’s very possible that someone dumped the mama dog once she gave birth, and then kept her puppies to sell.

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