New App Identifies Lost Dogs By Their Nose Prints In Order To Reunite Them With Their Owners

For most dog owners, there’s nothing stronger than the fear of getting separated from their canine bestie. Dogs stay with us through our best and hardest days, so the thought of losing them is nothing short of heartbreaking.Since dogs love to explore and can run quite fast, losing a dog is quite a real possibility.

Luckily, IAMS developed an app called NOSEiD to help reunite lost pups with their owners.
Each year in the U.S., over ten million pets are reported as stolen or lost. That number is roughly equal to 1/3 of all household pets. To make matters worse, under 5% of all pets are microchipped, so the odds of finding a lost pet aren’t particularly high.

To lower these shocking statistics and thus increase the instances of finding lost pets, IAMS set out to develop a unique app, with the sole goal of returning dogs to their owners.Since each dog has its own unique nose print, much like human fingerprints, there will be little to no confusion when scanning a lost pup.

Kennel clubs have been utilizing nose prints for decades. Just like a human’s fingerprint, dogs’ noses have a unique pattern of dermal ridges.

This new app is coming into the limelight, and hopefully, thousands of pups will be saved from devastation and will be reunited with their owners. The app is also quite easy to use.

By scanning the dog’s individual nose print, the app can connect the dog with its owner.

The best part is that it is completely non-invasive, so no pain will be endured by your furry pal.
It’s recommended that all dog owners simply download the NOSEiD application to their phones or tablets, then create a profile for them and their dogs. In addition to just the nose scan, users are encouraged to add a short description of their dog as well as a few photographs.

When the owner recognizes that their canine child may be missing, they can notify the app and set the profile to lost.

The app will send out a mass alert to other users in the area.
If someone thinks they may have found the missing dog, all they need to do is scan the dog’s nose to ensure it’s a correct match to the print currently on file. If the print is a match, then the founder is allowed access to reach out to the dog’s owners.

Dog owners can download the NOSEiD app from the Apple App Store and Google Play.
Currently, the app is live in Nashville and the surrounding areas. The app’s developers hope to expand to other cities in the coming months, but if you’re eager to get started on the platform, simply download the app. You will receive a notification when the program is launched in your area.

Don’t wait until it’s too late. Download the app and sleep better knowing that if anything happens, the odds of finding your fur baby have improved.
The application can also be used by those without a dog. If you ever stumble across a dog that may be missing, simply download the NOSEiD app to see if there is a match to the dog’s prints.

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