Nurse brings dog into hospital secretly so that dying man can Say goodbye

Many elderly people depend on their pet for companionship and love. Their pets are their lifeline and they give the reason to live and also to fight loneliness. One such elderly man was there whose dog was his everything and it gave him solace even in the darkest moment of his life.The man named David King was getting treated for cancer in a hospital in Missouri but sadly he was losing the battle.

His wife knew that he wanted to meet his dog one last time to say final goodbye but the hospital policy did not allow it.David’s nurse, who had been treating him from starting and knew what he had been through, understood the need to fulfill his last wish and when David’s wife told her, she readily agreed.

So with the help of David’s nurse and his wife’s determination, they were able to bring the pup called Lil Fee so David could meet and cuddle his pup for the last time. The granddaughter of David shared an image of this touching reunion and even praised the nurse for her help. Her tweet quickly became viral and there was praise of the nurse everywhere.

According to Ellie, the granddaughter, her grandpa loved his dog a lot and even the dog would follow him everywhere. Even the nurses at the hospital always heard him talk about his dog. So they helped in bringing the dog in. Her aunt carried the dog in a very big purse.

When he saw his beloved dog, for the first time that day, he moved his arm to pat his Lil Fee. We are very close to our pets and that the day became very special for David as he got the chance to hold his dog for the last time.

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