Obese Dog Makes An Incredible Weight Loss Transformation

When Meredith agreed to foster an overweight dog, she was in for a surprise.Even though she had been prepared for an obese pooch by seeing the pictures ahead of picking her up, when she saw Bertha, she was shocked.The poor dog was incredibly overweight, weighing in at a shocking 63 pounds.

She struggled to do basic functions like walking, and actually had to stop midway to take a breath. It was clear to Meredith that the journey to weight loss wasn’t going to be an easy one.Since Bertha could barely manage to walk on her own, getting her out for regular walks wasn’t going to be an option. At least, not initially.

Meredith started Bertha off on her road to weight loss by making sure that the pup wasn’t consuming too many calories. She even got her exercising by taking her swimming with the help of a harness.It all seemed to be helping, as the chubby pooch slowly started shedding the weight.

In the end, all of Meredith’s efforts paid off. Bertha became a much happier, much healthier dog.

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