Oil Rig Workers Rescue Dog 135 Miles Off Thailand Coast

Oil rig workers found the dog swimming on the afternoon of April 12, 135 miles in the Gulf of Thailand, with no indication that they knew how it got there. Workers who saw the dog tried to climb on a pole to rescue it, but the waves were so unstable that the dog could not resist and could not get up.

Payalo wrote: “I thought that if we didn’t move fast, I would not be able to help him. If he loses control, it will be difficult for him to help. The crew decided to use a rope and tried to tie it around the dog’s neck to lift it up. In an interview with CNN, Payalo described how the dog did not get bored or bark, but just silently watched the workers.

“His eyes were very sad. He continued to look up, as if to say, “Please help me,” she said. “At the time who saw it, while on the platform, the workers quickly washed the dog and gave it fresh water and electrolytes.

rescued dog in thailand

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They then named him Bunrod, which means “survivor.” “He seemed extremely emaciated and emaciated. He didn’t move much, ”Payalo said in an interview with CNN.

dog rescue in thailand
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dog found 135 miles off thailand coast
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“He was shaking and he could not stand. At about 10 a.m. local time on Monday, Bunrod, who was identified as an aspen, a local breed from the Philippines, lifted a crane, and a crane was delivered to a la Bunrod.

oil rig workers rescue lost dog

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charitable organization Watchdog Thailand and sent to an animal clinic in Songkla province in southern Thailand, Payalo shared that Boonrod would be granted temporary asylum.

Boonrod the dog saved from drowning

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In the doghouse, until he gains strength, come and walk the dog, he will adopt Bunrod.

stranded dog found by oil rig workers in thailand
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dog almost drowned off thailand coast
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