Older Dog Won’t Leave Brother’s Side When He Gets Sick

When human mom Mia came across tiny Tido, a Border Collie Corgi mix, sitting scared in a tiny cage, she knew that she had to take him home with her.

“Tido was shaking with a lot of fear. The first time I met Tido he was crouching in this old and tiny cage at a dog shelter,” she tells The Dodo.

“He was about five-days-old and he couldn’t even open his eyes yet.”

It broke her heart to see Tido in such a vulnerable state so she asked to take him home within minutes of seeing him in this sad state.

And she wanted to get him home as soon as possible.
But we’re not sure who was more excited about Tido becoming a part of the family, Mia or her Border Collie Sola.

We’d probably have to guess Sola because she was pretty much obsessed with Tido from the moment they met.

Source: The Dodo- YouTube

“Sola acted like she was his mother. She licked Tido a lot and Tido kept trying to stick to Sola,” Mia said.

Tido would follow Sola everywhere she went.
But their relationship had to be put on pause after Tido got sick.

Source: The Dodo- YouTube

Tido had been home for just five days when he started to have severe seizures that caused him to foam at the mouth.

Mia took him to the vet right away and found out that he had canine distemper.
“The vet said it was only a 5 percent chance that he could survive,” Mia explains.


Source: The Dodo- YouTube

Knowing this, she knew that she had to take very careful care of Tido.

And Sola as well since canine distemper is an infectious disease.
That meant that Tido and Sola had to be separated.

But that didn’t stop Sola from being there for her little brother.

Source: The Dodo- YouTube

“Sola and Tido couldn’t see each other for a while but Sola continued to stand by Tido in her own way. From the day Tido was separated, Sola was just staying and waiting all day outside of Tido’s room,” Mia said. “Sola’s face was telling me, ‘I cant say goodbye to Tido yet.’”

Tido spent the next three weeks locked up in that room on medicine and fluids.

But after that time, Tido had thankfully recovered and no longer had seizures.
“I felt a real miracle happened to us. As soon as I opened the door for Sola she went in to see him again,” said Mia.

Sola and Tido’s story was viewed more than 1 million times on YouTube.

“Tido recovered because of Sola’s love for him! What a sweet story! Animals love just as strong as people!” wrote one YouTube commenter.

Source: The Dodo- YouTube

Mia says she is also in awe of Sola and Tido’s relationship.

“They resembled a real mother and baby. Sola was totally different, she was always smiling and happy,” said Mia. “Now they are always together anytime, anywhere.

Source: The Dodo- YouTube

They travel together. They do crazy things together. Reunited Sola and Tido are much happier. From this whole experience, Sola and Tido’s lives have changed. Now all of us became a family.”

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