Otters See Popcorn Maker For The First Time And The Hysterical Reaction Is Too Pure

It comes in so many different flavors. You can get it cheesy, buttery, or salty. And the best part? When cooked the right way, it’s also low in calories. You can eat it without feeling guilty.
Two otters had a different reaction when they saw popcorn for the first time.

Hana and Kotaro were introduced to a popcorn maker at first. And just like other otters, they were quite curious.
When their humans held a red popcorn maker in front of them, they started inspecting it in an ins .tant.

Kotaro was the most curious one. Standing on his hind legs, he started sniffing the machine. He was so curious that he almost fell from the chair he was standing on.Hana, on the other hand, was right behind Kotaro. She was closely watching her friend’s reaction.

Their human allowed them to take a closer look at the small machine.

At this point, the otters’ curiosity increased. They started touching and sniffing it as if trying to figure out the machine’s purpose.

Then, the human showed them the popcorn kernel.Looking at the otters’ reactions, you can easily tell that they got more curious about the kernel than the machine.

As the human was carefully filling the machine with the kernel, the two tried to get involved.
At one point, they were reaching inside the machine. They were probably trying to scoop out some of the kernels.

Then, their human turned on the machine.
As soon as it started making popping sounds, the duo retreated. They started running around the house as if trying to find a safe place to hide.

They were curious and afraid at the same time.
Even though they were scared, they can’t stop themselves from checking out what’s happening at the dining table. They looked super adorable!

The two finally got the courage to take a closer look at the popcorn.
It probably wasn’t that appealing to them. They didn’t even look interested. They just took a sniff and left.

It was time for round 2.

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