Owner Asks Dog If He Will Cuddle The Cat And Hilarity Ensues

Whether you had a bad day, can’t wait for a nap, or are just in a cozy mood, cuddles are the remedy! Some good snuggle time is one of the best things in the world – we all know that!For one dog, cuddling with his best friend isn’t just a nice thing, it’s a lifestyle!Watson is a dog who loves to cuddle. He recently went famous on YouTube because of how adorable his little snuggle-sessions are with his friend!

Before you think too much about it, Watson’s snuggle-buddy isn’t even a human – it’s another dog!For a dog, being a good boy is about as good a compliment as you can give. When Watson is asked who is a good boy, he does something incredible. Instead of taking the compliment for himself, he decides to bark! He is trying to tell his owner something…

When she asks him “well who is a good boy?”, Watson moves over to his friend Tiko. As any best friend would, Watson tries to tell his mom that he isn’t a real good boy, Tiko deserves all the credit! Dogs can’t talk, obviously, so Watson decides to show her. Walking over, he reaches around and hugs his friend as a human would!

The moment is adorable and shows just how much Watson loves Tika.

Source: Pexels

In a second clip, Watson can be seen walking over to snuggle his friend again. When given the option to cuddle with anyone, he makes an easy choice. He goes over and tries to get as CLOSE as he can to his friend! He really does love him like a brother.

There is some serious science behind cuddling!

Source: YouTube

Cuddling is good for you! There is a reason that humans (and probably dogs) love to cuddle so much.

When you cuddle with someone you care about, your body releases a hormone called oxytocin that calms you and makes you more likely to deal better with stress – WebMD

Even as babies, we seem preconditioned to want touch.

Source: YouTube

Touch releases special hormones in our bodies and also inhibits stress hormones. Dr. Tiffany Field found that when we massage premature babies, they gain approximately 45 to 50% more weight and are discharged from the hospital approximately six days earlier than premature babies who do not receive consistent touch. Introducing increased touch into preemie health care would save about $10,000 per preemie baby because the babies would go home 6 days earlier. If you multiply that by the 470,000 preemies born each year, we would save $4.7 billion! – Science of People

Source: YouTube

For a dog, touch means being a part of the pack.

More than just being nice, sleeping and cuddling for dogs shows that they are friends and a part of the pack. In doggy terms, cuddling with someone means they accept them and have allowed them close into the pack. When you think about it, it really isn’t all that different than humans, is it?

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