Owner Starts Laughing When His Dog Debuts His Brand New Smile

Pets always make their owners laugh with their hilarious antics. Sometimes, it seems like the dogs are almost being funny on purpose. Other times, the dogs have no idea that they’re doing something that looks funny to us humans.

That was the case with a pup named Pandora. She put in a pair of dentures and had no idea why her owner couldn’t stop laughing.
This funny dog didn’t know why her owner was cracking up, but we’re sure she was happy she could make him happy.

Pandora is a young pup who lives in São Paolo, Brazil. She stays with her loving dad, Lucas Alves Magalhães. Pandora keeps life exciting with her constant quest for new adventures.

One day, Pandora greeted her dad with a shocking new feature – a great big smile!
As Lucas soon discovered, this was no ordinary puppy smile. Pandora somehow managed to fit a set of dentures into her mouth!

“When I lifted her head, I almost died from laughing,” Lucas shared with The Dodo.Pandora certainly had a wider smile with the dentures in. And what straight teeth she had!“An elderly couple owned this house before me, and I think maybe it was theirs,” Lucas explained.Well, that’s one mystery solved.



Source: The Dodo

But I guess we will never know exactly how she managed to fit the dentures into perfect alignment in her mouth. Maybe dogs are smarter than we give them credit for…

Source: Facebook/Lucas Alves Magalhães

Pandora’s whacky discovery inspires a sense of amusement in all pet owners as they recall the wild exploits of their own mischievous wanderers. From crazy hairdos to getting stuck in strange places to finding their way into our clothing, our pets never cease to amuse us.

Pandora isn’t the only dog who’s gotten into a pair of dentures before.


Source: The Dodo

There are a few hilarious viral videos about pets wearing their owners’ dentures, including one about a tiny dog who wouldn’t give the teeth back.

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