Owner Takes Labrador With Cancer On His Favorite Hike One Last Time

A labrador with a short time left to live was carried up a mountain on his favourite hike, thanks to his loving owner.

Ever since Monty was young, he loved joining his owner, Carlos Fresco, for a hike up a mountain range in Wales called the Brecon Beacons. They’d taken on the trek many times together over the years.

Eventually, 10-year-old Monty began to show signs of ageing and was diagnosed with leukaemia. Carlos knew Monty didn’t have much longer to live and wanted him to experience the Brecon Beacons one last time, so he made the decision to carry the pup all the way up the hike. The Brecon and Radnor Express shared photos of the moment on Facebook.

LADBible reported on how Carlos explained that Monty had been diagnosed with leukaemia and responded well to treatment, but it returned a few weeks prior to their hike. He said, “unfortunately his leukaemia returned eight weeks ago and he declined very rapidly.”

Armed with a wheelbarrow and a backpack, the two set off to make the trek up to their favourite spot one last time.

Many hikers were out that day and stopped to pet Monty and wish him well. According to LADBible, Carlos said, “Although he was weak he enjoyed all the fuss and attention received by so many well wishers. People on the hills were so kind and equally so sad at his deteriorating condition.”

Apparently, some strangers were so moved by Monty that they asked to join in on his last trek and push him for a little bit.

Monty passed away on June 21, 2021, after a hard battle with the cancer. It’s clear he made a big impact in his life on those who got the pleasure of meeting him.

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