Owners Leave Their Sweet Pitbull To Be Crushed In Garbage Truck

The shocking reality of how some people treat their animals is sometimes hard to comprehend. The overwhelmingly vast majority of pet owners are kind, caring, and loving, but occasionally, a bad apple goes and shows us just how terrible humans can be. Thankfully, for most of those people, there are kind humans in excess to cancel it out!

A waste management crew was out on their truck doing their daily rounds in a neighborhood when something wild happened. Danny Cormier is an employee on a garbage truck that services the Bradenton area and was driving while his partner was dumping bins into the truck.

Looking back, he noticed that a little head was sticking out of one of the dumpsters they were about to clear!

When Danny told his partner, Ahriel Jones, that he thought he saw a head poking out of the dumpster, the two decided to go investigate. Ahriel was worried it may be a dead animal someone tossed in the garbage, but as they got closer, they realized that wasn’t the case at all.

There was a pit bull stuck in the dumpster, desperately trying to stick her head out!

The two were shocked that a dog was in the dumpster and slowly approached the scared dog. She was terrified and didn’t want anyone to get close to her. It was clear that this dog was in need of help and that she was traumatized from her past interactions with humans.

Source: Pexels

When the two men looked inside the dumpster, it became clear this was no accident.

There was furniture, garbage, and a kennel inside. Someone had gotten frustrated and decided they didn’t want the dog anymore. Their solution? To toss all the dog’s things in it and then throw the dog in after it.

Source: Pexels

If Danny wouldn’t have noticed the dog’s head poking out, they would have dumped the poor animal into their compactor.

Most trucks have a receiving area where they place the trash. As they drive, a compactor then presses it together and moves it towards the back of the truck. If the dog would have been dumped, it would have been killed in their truck.

Naming the dog Daisy, they took it in and reported the incident to the police.

Source: YouTube

Daisy was weak from dehydration and needed help. After they stabilized her, they took her to the Manatee County Animal Services where she has officially been put up for adoption! The shelter describes her as being bright, playful, and full of energy. She has also made lots of progress with her trauma associated with her abandonment. Things are looking up for Daisy!

Source: YouTube

The next steps are to find her a home and catch the people who did this to her.

The local police already launched an investigation and Daisy is on her way to finding a home. All that remains is to catch the cruel people who tried to do this in the first place. Sometimes, the good guys do win!

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