Papa Cat Wins 7M Views For His Adorable Meeting With His Newborn Kittens

It’s impossible to keep a straight face in the presence of one or more kittens. This quote, which was said by Cynthia E. Vernado on Book Reporter, absolutely describes a Scottish cat’s adorable reaction when he first saw his newborn kittens inside a comfy little cradle playing and wriggling on their sides and backs beside their resting mom cat.

Meeting his kittens for the first time has never been easy for a Scottish dad cat.

Papa cat’s first acquaintance with his kittens was captured in this viral video showing his curious yet exciting reaction about meeting his kids.

He seems amazed and confused while walking towards the seemingly cozy bed where his family lies and resting. Since it was his first time to see other animals, he was not aware of how his kittens would look, or can he even recognize them?

As he gets out of the door, he looks happy but curious at the same time in the first few minutes of the video but soon after, his doubt disappeared when his wife cat stretched her body out of the cradle and reached out to him as if saying, “Come, dad, look at your little children. We made them. We’re a family now!”

When dad cat recognizes his wife’s scent, he can’t stop kissing his wife. Their flirting and kissing moments were adorable to see as you could tell years had passed between them not seeing each other.

Because dad cat was relieved he’d found his mate, it made him regain his composure in front of his kids. He then never hesitated to go near the cradle and sniff each of the little kittens as if trying to make sure if each of them were all his children.

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