Papa Lion Crouches Down To Meet His New Cub For First Time

Lions are majestic creatures but the males are fiercely competitive. That means when a new baby is born, if it’s a male, it can immediately be seen as a potential threat to others in the pride. (Remember The Lion King?)

It’s hard for us to imagine, especially when we see a tiny lion cub. Of course, they’re not something a human should ever approach without expertise AND protection, but they do look pretty cuddly.

We’re not big fans of animals in captivity, but the truth is that habitat destruction, climate change, poaching, and other threats make it nearly impossible for some species to survive. Zoos often do good work to preserve them (though you may disagree with how it’s done or how unnatural their surroundings look).


But it appears the cub fans outweigh the disinterested because the cub cam the zoo set up became wildly popular. People were eager to check in on the little guy and see what he was up to.


Of course, most of what he was up to was hanging out with his mom, aunt, and sister.


Naming the little one was also up to fans.


The zoo held an online vote to allow the public to choose the cub’s name – the options were Meru, Moremi, and Tatu.

This story originally appeared at Shareably.

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