PAWS Veterans Act Funding VA for PTSD Service Dogs

The new bill, which “implements a five-year pilot program to train dogs for veterans diagnosed with PTSD,” is heading to the president’s table where it is expected to be signed. “Puppy” helps injured military personnel to treat veterans, “was passed by the House of Representatives and the Senate with the support of both sides.

In addition, it will establish “the method by which veterans train service dogs for veterans with disabilities,” thereby connecting skilled veterans with work and opportunities. Society will be rewarded. in an interview with NBC News. The program will connect charities and groups like K9 for Warriors with veterans in need of service animals through VA.

The pilot program that the measure will fund is part of VA’s ongoing efforts to investigate the use of service animals to improve the quality of life of injured veterans. , in addition to reducing the risk of other health factors and suicide. It is based on legislation that was passed over a decade ago by former Senator Al Franken.


“This law adds another tool to the toolbox for the men and women we have served,” North Carolina Senator Tom Tillis said in a press release. The same statement cited a VA report showing an alarming rise in PTSD, a substance use disorder among veterans, indicating the need for legislation.Fortunately,


with this test of common sense and an impressive demonstration of bipartisan cooperation in both houses of Congress, veterans can finally get the resources they need, as well as the opportunity to lend a helping hand to others who have served.

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