Pet Owners Share 12 Hilarious ‘Rules’ Their Pets Have Implemented In The House

Pets always bring tons of laughs into our lives! They often do this simply by being themselves, as is shown in this cute video.

Animals know what they want, and they aren’t afraid to tell us when they’re unhappy with something. They also aren’t afraid to boss us around! To prove that, a Reddit user asked a question to pet owners. The question is this:

“What ‘rule’ has your pet instituted in your house that you now follow?’

The answers the Redditors gave were all hilarious. Check out some of the funny ‘rules’ below.

1. Answer the bird
If my parrot asks ‘what are you doing?’, anyone in the immediate vicinity has to respond with what they are doing. He will throw a tantrum if he doesn’t get an answer.”


2. Eye contact. Always
“When my 14-year-old grandma kitty is constipated, she needs me to watch her poop. We keep eye contact the entire time. If I don’t she stops trying to poop and does these deep meows.”


3. Anything for the puppy dog eyes
“If he gives you the sparkly eyes, you must chase him, call his name, and clap loudly so he can run around like a speed demon. The clapping is mandatory.”


4. The wake-up call kitty
“One of my cats likes to be the one to wake my stepdaughter up for school every morning. She runs to her bed and lays down on top of her, nuzzles around her face, and nibbles on her eyebrows to wake her up. We have to do this every morning.”

Source: Unsplash/Aleksandar Cvetanovic

5. Pay the toll
“We call it ‘paying the toll’. Our doxie will instantly steal your spot if you get up to go to the bathroom or something, and she won’t move until you’ve sufficiently rubbed the belly. So to get your seat back you have to pay the toll!”

Source: Unsplash/Erda Estremera

6. Only the best drinking fountain
“When brushing my teeth, I must leave the faucet on while I brush so my cat can drink from the bathroom sink. If I don’t I get screamed at in the form of very loud meows.”

Source: Flickr/Dave Dugdale

7. Going outside twice. Always.
“My girlfriend’s dog has to be let out in the morning to go, and then 45 minutes later to poop. She is incapable of doing them at the same time.”

Source: Unsplash/KaLisa Veer

8. Don’t scare the snakes
“No shoes on hardwood or tile floors. It scares the baby snakes.”


9. All doors are open
“No closed doors. She screams at any door which blocks her path inside the house.”

10. Quiet hours start at 9
“My boyfriend and I pretty much have to shut up by after 9pm or my dog (who is trying to sleep) will groan really loud.”

Source: Wikimedia/Eugene0126jp

11. The ways of the belly rub
“If you look at her and she falls over, that means you have to rub her tummy.”

Source: Pixabay

12. Special spot
“My pit will whine until we spread a blanket on the sofa for her. She refuses to lounge directly on the leather. And I do it every time.”

Source: Unsplash/Kevin Turcios

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