Pet Rabbit Grows To Be As Big As A Dog And Goes Viral

Rabbits have a reputation for being cute and cuddly. They’re like little pom-poms, small enough to hide under your shirt or up your sleeve.There are actually 49 unique rabbit breeds, and not all are your typical fluffy bunnies.The smallest rabbit, the pygmy rabbit, weighs in at 0.9 lbs and is 7.9 inches in length. On the other hand, there are huge bunnies that even give dogs a run for their money.

But have you ever seen a rabbit as big as this one?Cocoa Puff is a Continental Giant rabbit living in Seattle, Washington.
As his breed name suggests, he’s supposed to be pretty giant – but his size is still very impressive!Of course, being big doesn’t mean that Cocoa Puff isn’t still adorable. It’s a combination of his cute face and his impressive size that has seen his social media following really take off.

Think you have a big Instagram following? Cocoa Puff definitely has more. 330K, to be exact.
Lindsay, Cocoa Puff’s owner, recalled the moment she decided to introduce their big boy into the family.

Source: Pixabay/ Pexels

It was Lindsay’s daughter, Macy, who convinced her mom to get a rabbit. With the family being renters, having a dog or a cat was out of the question. That was when they discovered the Continental Giant rabbit breed.

The Continental Giant rabbit is one of the oldest and largest of its kind.
Originally, giant rabbits were sent to the US to be used as meat. But because they were naturally docile, they soon became popular pets, too.

Known as gentle giants, Continental Giant rabbits are laid-back and friendly, making them good pets for families with kids.

So when Linsday found Cocoa Puff, she knew he was the furry friend she’d been looking for.

It took Cocoa Puff a little time to get used to his new environment, but he soon realized he was in a place of love and safety. The hardest bit was training him, but he learned everything he needed to know in the end.

Source: Mike/ Pexels

“I would say the house training took between six and seven months. But rabbits are actually very smart – I don’t think they get enough credit. It doesn’t take him long to learn a trick.”

As if he really is a dog, Cocoa Puff often joins his family on outdoor adventures. However, his journeys are limited, as the family makes sure not to put him at risk by taking a route where he may cross paths with a dog.

Unsurprisingly for such a big boy, Cocoa Puff has quite the appetite.
He enjoys two big plates of greens a day, alongside plenty of hay, his regular rabbit kibble, and, if he’s lucky, the occasional treat like dried bananas or mango slices.

Lindsay also admitted that she’s thankful that Cocoa Puff has little interest in chewing anything but food.

Rabbits love to chew, which is why the owners of indoor rabbits need to train their pets not to chew unwanted or dangerous items, like sofa cushions, electrical cords, or charger cables.

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