Pittie, An 18-Year-Old Pit Bull, Was Adopted By A Wonderful Man

Despite the fact that all shelter animals must have a home and a family, older animals have difficulty adapting
Although they are very good, they spend most of their lives in shelters. Julep was an 18-year-old Pittie who had recently lost her owner, and no one in the family could keep an eye on the heartbroken young lady.

The team at the Humane Rescue Alliance (HRA) was concerned about her gloomy future when she arrived, since she was the oldest animal they had ever taken in.

HRA employees posted her story on social media in the hopes of finding her “simply a seat to sleep on and a person to love,” but to their surprise, her charm quickly captivated the hearts of so many people.

This cute dog made the news, and her story was shared over 4000 times on Facebook.

Credits: Humane Rescue Alliance

HRA veterinary technician Geri Lee described the experience as “like Christmas morning.” “Anytime one of our animals is adopted, we’re happy, but it’s pure delight when an older one gets a loving home.” Wayne arrived on his motorcycle at first, but as soon as he met Julep, he filled up the document and hurried back home to get his car. He couldn’t wait to take the awesome puppy home.

Credits: Humane Rescue Alliance

“I know she won’t be around for long, but that’s fine with me,” Lerch added. “She is deserved to live out the rest of her life in a happy home with someone who would pamper her and make that she loves the time she has left.” Wayne was still grieving the death of his beloved Pittie Jasmine, and Julep, now known as Tootie after his loved grandmother, was the ideal candidate to fill the void in his heart.

Credits: Humane Rescue Alliance

He said, “I can’t believe how blessed I am to have met her.” “She provides joy to my heart, and while I still miss Jasmine terribly, Tootie reminds me that having her in my life has made me a better person.”

Credits: Humane Rescue Alliance

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