Pittie Does Not Go Anywhere without His Security Blanket

Meet Bubbly, a lovely Pittie, who has really bad separation anxiety. Separation anxiety happens when a dog that’s hyper-attached to their owner gets super-stressed when left alone or if they have some kind of trauma linked to being abandoned. So, having some kind of object to keep them calm and comforted really helps.

Over a year ago, Bub was adopted by his current family. According to them, he was in a really bad state.They had to take things slow with him, to allow a smooth transition. His attachment to his blanket started when they were crate training him. In order to calm him and make him feel comfortable, they put a soft pillow and blanket inside with him.

pet pitbull

One day when his fur mom let him out of the crate, he took his blanket out with him and started carrying it around everywhere.

pet pitbull

It was the first time they saw him wagging his tail and being happy.

Pitties are often misunderstood,but just like Bub, they’re gentle dogs that are just looking for love.

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