Police Dog That Finds Weapons Is Able To Find A Wedding Ring Lost On A Beach

Losing your wedding ring is always a stressful situation but when you know you lost it on a sandy beach at Lake Superior, it’s almost a hopeless problem.

That is, of course, unless a local K-9 hero and his sheriff companion are on the job.

It started when Elsa Greene was visiting Eagle Beach and had removed her ring to apply sunscreen. The rings were put on her hat but a large bug startled her, causing her to throw the hat in the air and to lose her rings at the same time.

Before long, a frantic search was in place because it was the wedding band and matching engagement ring that went missing.

Even a nearby metal detector user was enlisted to help, but he came up empty-handed.


In speaking with the Washington Post, Green said: “I felt sick about it. I’d been wearing those rings every day for 17 years. But at that moment, I figured they were gone.”

They drove out to the Keweenaw County Sheriff’s Office in hopes that another metal detector could be obtained to search for the ring. Although they didn’t have a metal detector available, they did have a five-year-old Dutch shepherd named Dogo who knows how to sniff for weapons.


Dogo is specially trained to identify somebody’s signature odor and then get searching. His handler, Sgt. Brad Pelli, said to the Washington Post that as long as there is a human scent, his dog can detect almost anything. He admitted that this was the first time that they had looked for a lost wedding ring.


Pelli asked everyone in the area to clear it after they got to the beach so the dog could look for the ring without getting distracted in the process. Before long, he was on the scent and sat down, letting them know that the ring was nearby.

Green and her nine-year-old son were so thankful for what the dog did that they gave him a hug and praised the police officer for offering the services free of charge.

K9 Dogo, you will forever be my hero! I started my beach day at Eagle River by losing my wedding rings in the sand.

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