Police Officer Rescues Puppy Abandoned In Flooded Car During Hurricane And Becomes Her Dad For Life

After devastating the Bahamas, Hurricane Dorian hit Florida. Although the aftermath was not as severe as in the Bahamas, the storm surge caused Florida to experience floods and strong winds.

During the time, it was dangerous to be outdoors due to the strong winds and flooding streets.

So, when an abandoned car was spotted in a ditch on September 4, police officers were contacted by concerned civilians.

The Orange County Sheriff’s Office immediately sent deputies to investigate the abandoned car. Upon arriving, they found the vehicle to be partially flooded but seemingly empty. The vehicle’s owners appeared to have escaped before being caught in the flood.

However, the deputies saw a tiny puppy inside the car, alone and terrified. Also, her floppy ears were slightly wet.

Fortunately, the puppy was in good health. However, being outside during the storm scared her.

After saving her, the deputies named the puppy “Dorian”.

Eventually, the police brought Dorian to the Orange County Animal Services.

However, Deputy Josh Tolliver, the officer who found Dorian, came back to adopt her the next day.

In Sheriff’s Office’s Facebook posts, Dorian appears to be happy and thriving. We are thrilled that she found someone as kind as Deputy Tolliver.

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