Pony Dunks Little Girl In The Mud And Rolls Around

This adorable little girl was out riding a lovely white horse named Lightning with her friends in tow riding their own horses when something totally unexpected happen.

It’s not a moment she’ll forget, as she was at the mercy of her horse. Not to mention the fact that her friends laughed at her misfortune.

She wasn’t planning on horsing around but life had other plans.
Or the horse did. This little blonde equestrian had her helmet and boots on, looking every bit the part of a real rider when Lightning decided to go for a quick dip. In the mud.

She’s a real trooper though. With her friends on their horses laughing at her muddled mishap, she gets up and giggles to herself before making her way to Lightning with the biggest smile on her face.
Lightning did not care that there was a human on his back. He needed to cool off and so he went for it.

“She was great! Didn’t run off screaming or cry or anything and the first thing she did was grab her horses bridle. Bet she climbed right back on! Ten points to her parents for not raising a fragile little princess.”

Source: YouTube Screenshot

An impressed viewer says about her.

But why did Lightning just suddenly think of rolling in the mud?

According to Equi, “Rolling helps the horses to shed their coat, maintain their coat and regulate their body temperature. The mud conditions their skin and can be a useful insect repellent into the bargain. Drying sweat can be irritating but the dirt or dust relieves this.”

Dr. Margit Zeitler-Feicht is an expert on animal behavior. She focuses on research concerning animal welfare. With regards to horses rolling, Zeitler-Feicht had this to say,

Source: YouTube Screenshot

“Rolling can also be related to negative feelings. For example, when the coat is itchy due to insect bites or allergies. Another reason is pain. The most common example is rolling because of colic. There is also the case of frustration. In this case rolling could be seen as an upset behavior. “If the horse has build up lots of energy, – due to very little paddock time-, the need to move is so high that the horse will buck and run and throw him or herself on the ground to roll because they are so over motivated.” Rolling is a basic need that the horse should be able to have everyday.”

Source: YouTube Screenshot

It did look like the horse was careful as to not drop the little girl or crush her with his frame. He pauses for a moment as if waiting for her to dismount. Since she didn’t, Lightning literally shrugged her off.

As Lightning gets up and shakes off the mud, she walks back towards the horse looking like she’s ready for another ride. She took it all in stride!

Source: YouTube Screenshot

She maybe a princess, but not one of those prissy, high maintenance ones.
This is a girl who’s not afraid of riding a horse. Give her a sword and she’ll probably ride in to battle. Just as long as there’s no mud around.

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