Puppies Abandoned In A Massive Rainstorm Get A Second Chance At Life

Love Furry Friends Rescue was recently summoned for a rescue mission unlike any other that they had ever dealt with.Two puppies had been dumped outside in the rain and left with nowhere to go. Once they arrived on the scene, they could see that the dogs were struggling badly. They had absolutely no protection from the elements.

Thankfully, during a break in the rain, the rescuers were able to get to the puppies and they turned out to be quite friendly!They named the adorable pups Gina and Jessie and took them back to the rescue for evaluation and grooming. After getting baths, they both got to receive vaccinations and were treated for parasites.

Overall, the puppies seemed to be in great health and were adapting well to life with loving people who wanted to help. They had hearty appetites and enjoyed a lot of play and snuggles.The next step from there was finding forever homes for these dogs. Puppies dumped in harsh weather are not always so fortunate as these gals, but they were given a second chance at life and at finding a loving forever home.

Thankfully, both dogs found permanent homes and are now living their best lives.



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