Rare Polka Dotted Zebra Spotted In Kenya Is A Blessing For Eyes

It’s a rare sight as a polka-dotted zebra is being seen in the Maasai Mara National Park in Kenya. A photographer has clicked this rare sight. It is truly mesmerizing. Such wonder in itself.

(Image Source: Instagram/ Frank Liu) A wildlife photographer Frank Liu who is based in Hong Kong was able to capture this beautiful sight through his lens.

In September 2019, this photographer visited the East-African nation. During his visit to the National Park, the Massai guide gave him information about this rare being

The next day Frank got a chance to see this beauty with his own eyes and capture it through his lens. He did this so everyone else may see this beautiful creation of God.

The National Park guide kept the foal’s name Tira. How adorable it is Besides this, it is not the first time that Frank has witnessed something like this. He wrote on his Instagram that a few years ago he saw another zebra with a similar case but it still maintained stripes on it and had a bushy tail. On contrary to this, Tira has patterns like spots on her. Not only this but she also has a different color from other zebras.

Thus, National Geographic has said that this is due to a rare genetic mutation. Even her coloration is due to partial albinism. But her future is uncertain. As those with this genetic mutation hardly survive in the long run.

Normally zebra’s repel biting flies by their colors. But in Tira, it would be difficult. There are a lot of obstacles lying ahead of her. If she is able to cross them there is nothing that can stop her. On the other hand, she is easily recognized by the reserve guide very easily. Moreover, they are keeping track of her and keep observing her from time to time.

Frank Liu is a lucky photographer who has witnessed such a being with his eyes. Otherwise, it is extremely rare to spot them.


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