Recovering Addict Adopts Pit Bull On Euthanasia List And They Help Each Other Heal

Taking care of an animal can often be the best way to start taking care of yourself. Self-care and progress is important, but until we have a reason to change, we often won’t. So often, people find the motivation they need in taking care of a pet or rescue. Maybe rescuing someone else is how you start to rescue yourself?

PJ is a recovering addict that knew he needed something in his life to change. Deciding to adopt a dog to help him get out of the house more, he found Clove. Clove is a pitty who was nearly put down twice during her life and needed someone to save her.When PJ found her, he knew it was a match.His goal was to show Clove how amazing the world could be!

Taking her for a long walk one day, the two had an absolute blast. Clove took off running and was absolutely in love with her newfound freedom. She also started to show the beginnings of trust with her new owner.From the beach to the mountains and in the sun or snow, the two go to the most amazing places together. As their relationship grew so did the size of their adventures! It didn’t matter where they were, Clove loved being with her friend and PJ loved being with Clove!

Being in nature with one another was healing for both PJ and Clove.

For Clove, being able to freely run around and have fun helped her to overcome her shyness. Soo, she was a curious, confident, and exciting dog that loved to love people! For Pj, learning to be present, engage with his environment, and taking care of someone else were essential to his development as a person.

Living in the moment has changed their lives.

As PJ says:

“Every dog deserves to live a wild life”

We couldn’t agree more! There is something powerful about getting outside and living a wild life. PJ calls his story a “who really rescued who” type situation and encourages people around the world to do what they did.

Since he has been sharing his story, people have been inspired to change.

People from all around the world have responded to PJ and Clove with their own stories. For the “humans” who responded, many found the inspiration to sober up and live a new kind of life!

For many of the people who made a life change, getting a rescue dog was part of the process.

Rescuing a dog is a massive life change and isn’t for everyone, but PJ can attest to its power! If you need a little inspiration to experience all that life has and to get outdoors, getting a dog can be a wonderful gateway. Also, rescuing a dog can literally save their lives, just like in Clove’s case. Maybe dogs and humans are friends for a reason – we make each other better!

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