Rescue Dog Hilariously Fails Agility Course But Wins The Crowd’s Heart In The Process

Kratu, or Baron Kratu von Bearbum in full, is a very special dog. He has made the world fall in love with him with his gentle and bubbly personality, and of course, his hilarious performance during an agility competition.

Before we get to the agility course, Kratu here is actually a rescued dog. He was saved by a UK-based rescue group, Wood Green, as a puppy seven years ago from an abusive home.

It wasn’t long until he found his new owner, Tessa Eagle Swan, who willingly adopted him. He forgot all those days of abuse when he started living with Tessa, and he started living a healthy and happy life with her.He grew to be a very affectionate and friendly pooch, and when Tessa realized that, she decided to have him trained to become a service dog. It was perfect for him, and he managed to learn all he needed in no time.

He became a famous figure among dog lovers, as he and Tessa started showing up to local dog shows as an ambassador for rescue dogs.

One time, they made a special appearance in a big dog competition.

Tessa and Kratu were invited to the Crufts Dog Show Competition and were made to perform in an agility course run. That was when they made the biggest impact as they charmed the whole crowd – by hilariously failing on the course. You’d understand once you watch the video.

It started off great, but watch how the chaos unfolds in the course in a matter of seconds.

Tessa and Kratu are on standby, waiting for the announcer’s go signal. Kratu looks like he’s rearing to go to the field too. When Tessa signals for him to start, he immediately runs and jumps over the first hurdle, however, he immediately fails at the second hurdle as he purposely runs off-track.

Tessa had to chase her loose dog and help him get back on the course!

After his first failure, Tessa manages to get Kratu to jump on the hurdle he was supposed to jump a second ago. You’d think that he’s finally getting it but watch him mess it up by getting sidetracked once more.

He even goes to say hi to the ladies watching him on the side. Watching him fail was funny enough, but it became more hilarious with the dog show’s commentator’s chuckling report.

The Weave course consists of several poles lined up on the field. In this obstacle, the dog is expected to ‘weave’ or pass the poles in an in-and-out fashion like stitch-sewing. However, Kratu seems to be uninterested and decides to walk past all the poles to his next destination.

Just when everyone thought that he’s finally doing what he’s supposed to do on the course, the crowd can’t help but laugh after he exits from where he entered. The commentator is amazed by the fact that Kratu managed to make a U-turn despite the very limited space the tunnel has.

The chaos continues with everyone’s eyes on him. It ends with the whole crowd cheering on the happy-go-lucky pooch and his owner.

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