Rescue Dog Stared At Wall For Hours Until He Realized He Was Safe

Adopting a dog is a wonderful thing that anyone can do. It’s a way of giving an animal in need a loving, forever home.However, anyone who has ever adopted a dog knows that they sometimes come with their own set of issues. Mainly, they can be pretty shy and even fearful in the beginning.

Walt, a rescue dog, was no different. He was quite fearful of his new forever home when he was adopted. In fact, the poor dog couldn’t even bring himself to make eye contact with them the entire car ride home.He wasn’t sure of himself once they arrived home. Walt was scared to go into any of the rooms or to even try exploring his new surroundings.

He did this for hours and even refused to get comfortable inside a soft doggie bed. His new owner, Kelly, was heartbroken to see Walt’s behavior.She knew that he’d had it very rough in whatever situation he was in before being adopted by her family. Nevertheless, she knew that if they just gave him a little space and time to heal, Walt would come around.

And she was right. Walt slowly began to trust his new family and started to come out of his shell. At first, he was apprehensive about being touched, but soon, he was enjoying the sensation of having someone pet his head.


In addition, Walt also managed to bond with the family’s other dog, thus, he gained a new bff to snuggle with.


It’s wonderful to see just how much of a change Walt underwent for the better,


and we’re so happy he’s living his best life with a family that loves him.

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