Rescued Dog Won’t Stop Facing The Wall Until Another Pup Changes Everything

Most of us wouldn’t know where we’d be without our family members. They are the ones that provide us comfort, encouragement, and stand as our rocks.

This is true in the animal kingdom as well as in the human world. Familial bonds carry the power to do great things. You will never guess how this loving connection turned one dog’s life around.

Angel is a greyhound mix who lives in Ireland. She was rescued from an abusive pound by PAWS Animal Rescue.
PAWS is self-described as a “champion for animals” responsible for “rehabilitating injured and orphaned wildlife, sheltering and adopting homeless cats and dogs, and educating people to make a better world for animals and people.”

PAWS brought Angel back to their organization, but the anxious dog felt anything but at home.

“She just faced the wall in [the] office and refused to move for days,” officials told Inside Edition.

The poor pup would not even respond when food was presented to her. Instead, caretakers “would leave food, and Angel would only eat when no one was watching.”

Source: YouTube Screenshot – Inside Edition

The rescuers had no idea what was wrong, but they wanted to do anything they could to help.
They went back to the place where they had taken Angel. There, they found another dog to bring back to their shelter. PAWS hoped that this pup could perk up Angel’s spirits, and they were right.

Angel’s personality changed quickly with the new dog in the picture. Given their fondness for each other, the workers assumed that this pup was Angel’s brother. They named him Cliff, and he became a part of the family.

Source: YouTube Screenshot – Inside Edition

Angel’s recovery was astounding. Although she suffered from mange, her psychological damage lasted nowhere near as long as the officials had feared. Within six months, she was a totally different dog.

“Her personality has completely changed, and she’s found her voice,” a spokesperson from Inside Edition proudly shared.

Angel was even able to find her forever home. A couple who had just lost two dogs met Angel and couldn’t stay away. This dog has found her happily ever after.

Source: YouTube Screenshot – Inside Edition

“We are the kind of people who delight in the company of an animal friend,” the nonprofit explains on its website. “We understand that animals enrich our lives. We also know they cannot speak for themselves and need protection. That is why PAWS brings together people . . . to ensure animals are respected, safe, and have a voice.”

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