Rescuers Help Raccoon Stuck In The Most Awkward Place

Earlier this month, the Macomb County Animal Control in Michigan received an unusual call. A concerned citizen had spotted the head of a young raccoon stuck in a sewer cap — his body nowhere in sight.Three deputies rushed to the scene and found the raccoon in a very uncomfortable position. “The poor little thing was coming out of the sewer grate and his head got stuck,” Chief Jeff Randazzo of Macomb County Animal Control told The Dodo.

The deputies lifted the metal plate and placed it on the ground just as the fire department showed up. Unfortunately, they couldn’t cut the raccoon out for fear that it would heat the cast iron.The deputies decided the only way to free the little raccoon was to somehow get his head out of the hole the way he got it in. So they visited a nearby house and borrowed some peanut oil.

The raccoon seemed to know they were there to help as they coated his neck in oil. And after 20 minutes of gentle twisting and pulling, they freed the little guy from the heavy sewer cover.To make sure he was OK, the deputies brought the raccoon back to animal control, where he was vaccinated and dewormed. And after two days of observation, he was released back into the same area where he was found.

But he wasn’t the only trapped raccoon who animal control saved that week. They also helped a little guy whose head was stuck in a soup can.

Raccoon stuck in sewer grate


“I think people are home more, so they’re seeing it and calling it in more,” Randazzo said.

Baby raccoon trapped in sewer cover


This spring, Randazzo has noticed that people seem to be appreciating the wildlife in their area more than ever.


They’re also more eager to help when they notice someone in trouble — something the raccoons definitely appreciate.

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