“Rosie The Rescue” Surprises Family After Mom Arranges Secret Adoption

MacKenna and Kerrigan were insistent — they wanted a dog!

The sisters, both in elementary school, had been trying to convince their parents, Toni and Stephen, for a while, so the family sat down in their home and looked through the recent arrivals at a Georgia shelter.

One, a golden retriever-great Pyrenees mix named Rosie, caught their eye, but the family wasn’t ready to make a final decision just yet. Ominously, the shelter noted that without an adoption offer, Rosie would be euthanized that Saturday.

The girls were concerned for Rosie, and their concern turned to fear when they saw that she was listed as “no longer available” on the site days later.

Little did they know, their mom was working magic behind the scenes to bring Rosie into their lives.

What happened next, documented in a video from The Dodo, shocked MacKenna and Kerrigan and brought joyous tears to their eyes.

On a cloudy December day, Rosie was flown in from the Georgia shelter and met her new family! Toni and Stephen knew they wanted to surprise their daughters,

while at the same time keeping them safe from disappointment if the adoption hadn’t panned out and Rosie wasn’t able to come.

While she was initially nervous after getting off the plane, Rosie was overjoyed to see that she had a loving family waiting for her. In an Instagram post, Toni wrote “It didn’t take her long to realize she was our forever girl ❤ now she’s all smiles.”

The only member of the family that took some convincing was Ziggy, the family’s dog, an older boy who wasn’t a fan of all the commotion.

Fortunately, he quickly took to Rosie and saw her as one of the family. The two are now inseparable and love to play fight and cuddle.

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